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How To Minimize Water Damage

It’s amazing how much damage water can cause. Just two gallons of water from a burst pipe or overflowing toilet can wreak havoc throughout your home and necessitate thousands of dollars in repairs. Ouch!What should you do at the first sign of water leakage? First, stop the source. Turn off the ...

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Step 7 to Buying a Home: The Inspections

Once you have a signed contract, you'll want to schedule your home inspections.  Typically, you'll have 7-10 days to do whatever inspections you want.  These inspections might include: home, termite, radon, mold, lead-based paint, well and septic, etc. To allow enough time to complete your inspections and review the report, you'll ...

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Step 4 to Buying a Home: Finding the Right Home

I'm sure by this point you're very excited to find your new home. You’ve chosen your Realtor (me!) and have your pre-approval letter.  Now comes step 4, finding the right home. When considering your new home you want to make the choice to buy a home that meets your needs and ...

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Step 1 to Buying a Home: Find a Realtor

Buying a home is a very exciting time.  It's also probably one of the biggest decisions you'll make. Having the right real estate professional on your side can make a world of difference. Most homes on the market are listed for sale with an agent who represents them and makes sure the ...

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Step 8 to Buying a Home: The Appraisal

Congratulations! If you’ve gotten this far it means time for the appraisal. Your mortgage lender will order the appraisal. Generally the cost is somewhere between $350 – $500 and is paid by you prior to the home being appraised.  It is considered part of your closing costs.  You'll want to keep ...

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Step 5 to Buying a Home: Important Information and Tips for Viewing Homes

Now that you've found some properties you’re interested in, we will be heading out soon to see them! Important Information Get pre-approved! Most sellers require you are pre-approved before viewing their home. Schedule showings in advance.  When possible, try to give 24 hours notice. Consider the time of day. If natural ...

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