Step 7 to Buying a Home: The Inspections

November 19, 2023

Once you have a signed contract, you’ll want to schedule your home inspections.  Typically, you’ll have 7-10 days to do whatever inspections you want.  These inspections might include: home, termite, radon, mold, lead-based paint, well and septic, etc.

To allow enough time to complete your inspections and review the report, you’ll want to schedule your inspections as soon as possible. It is important that you attend all inspections, so plan accordingly.  You’ll also want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  The home inspection alone takes approximately 2-3 hours. It is a great time to learn more about the home and to ask questions about the mechanicals, appliances, and other features of the home that you may be unfamiliar with.

You want to pay attention to the home inspector, but it’s a good time to take measurements for window coverings and furniture. And, if you are planning on having any work done to the home after you move in, you could arrange for contractors, painters, etc. to stop by to give you estimates while you’re there.

After the inspection, it takes 1-2 business days to get the report.  You and your realtor will review and go over any items of concern that you have.  Remember, concentrate on the major issues, those involving safety, structural, major expense items, and repairs you’re unable to do yourself or hire out.  You do not want to nit-pick the Seller about every little thing wrong with their home.

Tips for Reading the Inspection Report

  1. Focus your attention on issues relating to electrical, plumbing, roof, foundation, appliances, major mechanicals, safety issues, and big ticket items that need repaired.
  2. Decided if additional inspections or experts are needed to further assess the issue.  Keep in mind, you’ll be responsible for the cost of those additional costs involved.
  3. Make a list of deal breaker items.  Items you absolutely must have repaired in order to go through with purchasing the home.
  4. Make a second list of non-deal breaker items.  Items you’d like the Seller to fix, but are willing to compromise or pass on to keep the deal together.
  5. Make a third list of the items you’re OK with fixing yourself.

Negotiating Repairs

Once you’ve made your lists and determined the key items of concern, your realtor will prepare a written request to the Seller asking for repairs or possibly renegotiating the terms of the contract.  If we are not able to come to an agreement with the Seller, you may have the right to cancel the contract.  If the Seller does agree to make repairs, those repairs would then be completed by the final walk through and the Seller would provide receipts and warranties for the work done.

It’s imperative that you follow the contingency deadlines in your contract.  As your Realtor, I’ll help guide you through the process.

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